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About us:

Owens Express Recruitment offers 10 years industry knowledge in all sectors at all levels.
Our directors offer their expertise in tailored, bespoke services.
Our focus is to build partnerships.
We are the pivotal source linking employers with the right candidates. We believe passionately in finding the right person for your business needs.
Individually we have skill sets that will make Owens Express Recruitment the most personalised, unique and tailored agency in the North West.


From the first initial contact to the very end outcome we pride ourselves on delivering:
  • quality
  • a personalised approach
  • competency
  • honesty
and a hassle free service with a 90 day money back guarantee for permanent placements and a 3 hour guarantee for all temporary placements.

The Owens Express Recruitment Team:

About: Toni Owens

Liverpool born and bred, Toni Owens has spent her entire career working with the people of Merseyside; people she knows and loves for being (in her own words) “the most hospitable and friendly in the world”! Toni’s two teenagers and supportive husband give her a confidence you don’t see every day.

“one simple step can change someone’s day”

With a passion for helping others and changing lives for the better, Toni’s contagious enthusiasm for recruitment is unrivaled and sincere. Since beginning her recruitment career over 10 years ago, Toni has gained the experience, knowledge and skillset required to deliver a fantastic service to both clients and candidates.

Recruitment for some is a sales role, but for Toni it’s more than that. Much more. By committing to a consistent, quality-led approach supported by effective communication, Toni has gained a strong and impressive track record in her field and aims to continue this whilst leading Owens Express Recruitment.

“I won’t turn people away
just because we don’t have the job they are looking for, we will find them what
they want”

Whist Toni is the driving force behind the company and takes an overview of proceedings, a natural desire to help others and commitment to excellence means she’s as much on the front-line as she is back of house – all fuelled by tea and biscuits.

Having the pleasure of being able to keep working with the people of Merseyside is something Toni is excited about and the future is increasingly positive. Working in welfare to work recruitment and management related roles including those with the local council and DWP exposed her to many of the lows experienced by some in the area – a fact which serves as a constant motivator in ensuring the right people are matched with the right jobs.